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Project Description

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Object of Company’s activity

The company’s objects of activity are:

Production & trading of building materials for the road construction,civil construction, industrial construction(asphalt/concrete) and their by-products,bitumen emulusions, ,wide range of concrete marks ecc.

Wide range of installations on civil buildings, social/cultural buildings,and industrial buildings.

Wide range work-performance in infrastructure (roads, water-stations,pipe-lines,construction of civil, social-cultural and industrial buildings etc).

Work-performance  on artworks, roads, road signalingmaintenance etc.

Wide range  of projecting on civil, social-cultural and industrial buildings, artwork, roads etc.

Owns the machinery as described below:

Two aspfalt-concrete production plants ,type Marini in Lushnje (Stan –Karbunare) with capacity of  80 T/h, and one Roccheti type with capacity of 100-120 T/h

Two concrete production plants Type ORU in Lushnje,capacity 60 m3/h.

One production plant for breaking, washing for the production of inerts and road stabilisants with a capacity of  120 m3/h in Ura –Vajgurore.

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